Allods Online Launches Volume 4: Astral Odyssey

Gala Networks Europe, one of the leading free-to-play games publishers and operator of the portal, is delighted to announce that Allods Online, its triple-A MMORPG, will officially launch on the 11thof May 2011.

The transition of Allods Online from beta into a full product comes with the arrival of Volume 4: Astral Odyssey, which brings even more content to the Allods universe and raises the level cap to 47. In addition to the new content, the Allods Online team, as a way of showing thanks to the game’s dedicated fans, will be rewarding every player who has participated in the beta program and reached level 30 with a visually stunning Halo buff. Players at level 35 or higher, who log in at least once between 11th April and 11th May, will also receive an extra shoulder award.

Allods Online Allods Online

It was previously revealed that Volume 4: Astral Odyssey will feature two new zones, the first of which, Kirah, has now been detailed further with official lore:

“A century ago, the tiny allod of Kirah was rich with the meteorite needed to transverse the vast Astral.  Hungry for advantage in their ongoing war against the Empire, the League army invaded Kirah, hoping to claim its resources as their own.  The Empire, however, put up a bitter fight, and after a night of fierce fighting, dawn rose on a bloody battlefield with many dead on both sides.  It was then, when both great armies were at their weakest, that tragedy struck.  The Astral itself seemed to tear open and begin devouring Kirah.  Demons flooded from the tear and destroyed entire armadas of fleeing ships.  When all was said and done, Kirah had been destroyed and a scant handful of survivors limped towards their home cities.”

Allods Online Allods Online

The possibilities for the unique allod of Kirah are expanded further as the mysterious overlord known as ‘the Director’ comes to the fore and hints at the reason for Volume 4’s title emerge:

“Those who have survived the trials of Gipat will come face-to-face with he who taunted and tormented them: The Director.  Though his true name is a mystery, he is here once again to guide intrepid adventurers towards their destiny or, more accurately, towards unmaking their own destiny.

What if it were possible to create a new past?  What if the League and Empire, rather than slaying each other, stood together against the demon incursion and beat them back into the abyss?  What if Kirah survived and flourished, how would the scattered world of the allods be different?

The Director is ready to teach you how to traverse time itself and use the Ashes of the Past, which carry with them memories of all the events that came before, to stop that bloody night and change Sarnaut forever.”

Allods Online Allods Online

Allods Online Allods Online

More information will be revealed in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned and visit the official European website at for any more details.

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