Addictive games on mobile phones over the last 20 years

The mobile gaming industry has seen record growth in recent years. In fact, mobile gaming may have even surpassed console gaming in terms of popularity. Much of this trend can be attributed to the ability of mobile games to easily download new games as well as play with their phone which is usually with them. Mobile gamers can expect some exciting new games to be released during the course of 2017 yet still experience the addictive nature of iconic games of the past.

Candy Crush

Released over four years ago, this particular game soared in popularity and became a part of pop culture. Players move through the various levels of this game matching icons. As the name implies, candy does play a significant role in this game as players can create their own candies using their collected icons.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Like many successful games, Grand Theft Auto has come out with many different versions of the game using different settings. Of all of the GTA titles, San Andreas is notable because it was the first of the games to increase the action.

Treasure Nile

The concept of online casino gaming at sites such as has helped to make this genre of games even more popular. Now, these games have also been adapted for play on mobile phones. Treasure Nile is perhaps one of the more addicting slot titles. Players can choose to bet on as many as nine paylines with a range of coin denominations.


While this was first solely for play on gaming consoles, it was eventually made compatible with mobile phones. The best American football simulation game on the market, players can create their own teams with popular players from all over the NFL.


One of the most simplistic games ever, this original Nokia game has stood the test of time. Since its first release, Snake has morphed into eight different variations. People still enjoy playing this game today!
With the capability of the smartphones increased rapidly over the last few years, it’ll be exciting to see how far the quality of the mobile gaming will reach in the near future.

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