A New Experience: How Technology and Innovations Have Changed the World of Gaming

From virtual reality and all the way to cloud computing, technology and gaming go hand in hand to create a new entertainment experience that wasn’t possible until recently. Although progress is hardly noticeable when you’re looking at it from a year-per-year perspective, it’s a completely different world when you consider how far we’ve come over the course of decades. Thanks to the countless innovations we’ll be covering today, we can keep pushing the limits of gaming as it relates to different user groups.

So what are the innovations the gamers owe so much to?

Gaming in the cloud

In the days gone by, you’ve had to own a device with strong-enough hardware capacities to run the video games of your choosing. Nowadays, this is no longer the case. Instead of having all the gears turn locally, you can choose to subscribe to a cloud gaming service that does all the heavy lifting for you and sends the video of the gameplay back to your display. As soon as you input a command and make a move in the game, it gets transferred to the server, the result of which is then sent back to you in the form of a video stream you’re monitoring.

In other words, if your device is strong enough to watch a simple online video, it’s strong enough for cloud gaming. With that being said, for the best possible experience, having a responsive monitor and a decent controller is still very much recommended.

High-speed internet and mobile gaming

Even though the commercial internet is at least a couple of decades old, it deserves a spot in our list because it’s exactly what has enabled the online multiplayer scene to flourish. In today’s times, not only is it lightning-fast, but also has a broad availability, thus increasing the player base by a substantial margin.

Since the modern smartphones are strong in the hardware department and affordable enough for the average household, you won’t be running out of opponents any time soon. For a taste of this, whip out your trusty mobile phone and visit the official app store. From there on out, download one of the top-rated multiplayer titles. Whether free or paid, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth gaming experience you can carry with you in your pocket and indulge in at any time you desire. How cool is that?

Virtual reality

The boundaries between the physical and the digital are slowly falling, as things are moving towards a morphed experience. Digital gaming is no longer enough – we feel a desire to live the game and experience it with all our senses. Although we still have a while to go before we can package a smell and digitally transfer it to another person, one thing’s for sure… the technology can trick our senses into believing that we’re located in a completely different place.

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to put on an astronaut’s suit and explore the moon? Virtual reality can bring you as close as possible without endangering your health or draining your wallet. Want to sit behind the steering wheel of the fastest racing car on the planet without fear of crashing or colliding? The same principle applies. Apart from adrenaline junkies, other types of gamers like to dabble in virtual reality too. For instance, a casino lover may not have the time or the resources needed to visit Las Vegas in person, but with a VR headset, the spirit and the mind can travel to one of its glorious ballrooms at the snap of a finger and even interact with one of the live dealers.

Speaking of sports betting and casino…


iGaming is a great example of how the physical world is becoming increasingly more connected with the virtual one. Being able to bet on real-life events from the comfort of your smartphone adds a thrill unlike any other. Instead of betting on ones and zeros, you’re betting on the outcome of a sports match or the spin of a physical wheel, which is something a human person can relate to. The more emotionally attached we are to the outcome, the greater the fulfillment.

When it comes to betting like this, convenience is the name of the game. Not only do most operators now offer a smartphone client so you’re no longer tied to the confines of the PC that rests in your living room, some of them also allow an account-less gaming experience to cut down the inconvenience even further. Without the need to jump through all these hoops just to create an account, you can place your first bet in mere moments and from any part of the world with an internet connection.


The innovative scope of gaming goes far beyond our imagination and new aspects of it keep opening up as we progress into the future. Do you dare to dream of what it will bring us 10 or 20 years down the road?

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