5 Underperforming NFL Teams that can Wipe Your Bankroll

In the NFL’s history, there are a bunch of squads with a proven track record of returning favourable bets. Alternatively, there are NFL franchises that are known to find themselves on the Cinderella-run at the last minute. It’s not always the win-loss ratio, blown games, and unfortunate events that cost your bankroll. The five following franchise lay testament to this statement.

5 Unstable NFL Squads that Pose a Threat to Your Bankroll

1. Washington Football Team

Owner Dan Snyder needs to come to terms with a few things. First of all, the squad needs to retain a coach long enough to make a few promising decisions. Ron Rivera has the potential to turn the squad’s fortunes around, But, then again, Washington needs to give him the opportunity. The franchise is historically one of the riskiest to bet on since they’re the least stable NFL franchise on our list. Speaking of wagers, don’t forget to visit Betting rex for all your sports betting endeavours.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

Although the franchise has been around since 2002, they’ve experienced just four winning seasons since inception. Their last major performance was during the 2017 season when the team almost clinched the finals. And despite failing to make it to the Super Bowl you’d imagine them return even stronger in the next season. Alas, that wasn’t to be and the Jaguars returned to their usual dismal self in the following season. A feat that earned them the nickname “Sacksonville”.

3. New York Jets

The Jets just can’t take off and if you’ve wasted good money wagering on the squad in the last couple of decades, you’re just as frustrated as we are! Unlike many of the other squads on our list, the Jets have the potential to make it big. Unfortunately, their victories have been sporadic over the last decade, although they made it to the AFC finals in 2009 and 2010. But, if history tells us anything, it is to keep your money away from the Jets.

4. Detroit Lions

If a coach leads you to a 0-16 season, he gets sacked, we understand. But the Lions haven’t been able to improve on their languishing record even three seasons later, despite introducing new regimes and changing coaches. Ironically, the Lions are among the most stable franchises at Quarterback thanks to Matthew Stafford who’s taken the lead since 2009. But there’s not a lot going for the squad otherwise. Will the Lions make a roaring comeback somewhere down the line? Maybe, but for the time being, protect your bankroll.

5. Cleveland Browns

While Kevin Stefanski’s boys found success in recent times, they need to be consistent for a while before we can confidently put our money on the squad. The problem is while Stefanski has reversed the score during multiple encounters, Brown’s fate against the Ravens and the Steelers have been the same since 1999. Therefore, while the side has what it takes to be one of the AFC’s leading squads, it’s too early to put your money down on the franchise.

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