5 Things the Old Games Did Better Than Their Modern Counterparts

The retro gaming scene has a special kind of charm to it. Not even the modern gamer can deny that. The pixel art, the iconic 8-bit music, the cut-to-the-chase approach… these are just some of elements that started it all. Even to this very date, gamers with different backgrounds and preferences still like to fire up the old consoles or an emulator to see what it was like during this pixel-driven era of the past.

Are you on the fence yourself? Then keep on reading as we examine the 5 aspects of old games that give the modern titles a run for their money:

1. Increased challenge

We human beings are drawn to the concept of competition; after all, it’s a way to prove one’s abilities and worth. Compared to newer games, an average retro game is considerably harder to beat. In fact, beating one of the titles such as Rayman, Super Mario or Battletoads is an achievement to be proud of. Indeed, these were the times when the games were being designed by the hardcore for the hardcore.

2. An abundance of genres to choose from

Some gamers feel that the modern-day video game genres are not as varied as back in the day. In the 90s, every game that came out was practically a new genre in and of itself, despite there being some repetition here and there. If you’re the type who has seen it all and can no longer bother firing up the gaming rig just to play another tried and true concept of first-person shooters, you’re not alone.

3. Gameplay-focused

While a good storyline has its time and place (especially in the RPG genre), the main focus should always be the gameplay itself. After all, that’s the main reason to pick up a game in the first place, right? Not being able to skip the dialogue when you want to, for example, is one of the major pet peeves of modern games. But the old titles tend to cut the fluff and throw you in the middle of the action, and that’s why we love them so much!

4. A concept that stood the test of time

Chess, to name one legend of the past, is one of the games that are many centuries old. Yet it is still played across every generation (and in professional gaming circles too), you can read more here. Even the sharpest of minds cannot possibly grasp every possible corner of depth it offers; sometimes not even after a decade of training. Then we have card games such as poker and solitaire, nearly all of which saw their fair amount of video game incarnations. Even board games; although we can play a modern digital version of Monopoly, the cardboard version is still the game of choice at parties and social gatherings.

5. No DLCs of any kind

Short for downloadable content, DLCs are the bane of the modern gaming experience. Paying just for the sake of unlocking a piece of content that’s often already in the game is what many deem to be unacceptable and a bad practice in general. And yet, it’s a reality of the modern times. Plus, these DLCs tend to be linked to your user account, which makes things a bit harder when trying to sell your copy of the game in the second-hand market. Older video games did not have such problems – upon purchasing the game, all of the content was yours to explore to your heart’s desire without limitations.


Your taste in video games is a matter of personal preference – and rightfully so. But these 5 reasons should be convincing enough for anyone to at least give the older games a spin and experience the adventure only they can offer.

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