5 Fun Games for Couples To Play on Date Night

When planning a date night, many couples see no reason to think outside the box. The very nature of their relationship having reached a place where they’re comfortable with each other means they’ll often settle for familiar activities: drinks in their local bar, a table in their favorite restaurant, a trip to a multiplex to enjoy the latest film release. But some are intrepid enough to consider something altogether more daring. They might check out a fun dating site, where there will be all sorts of suggestions for exciting games which couples can play together. Here are five examples for a perfect date night.

Drinking games

It must be stressed drinking should only ever be done in moderation because of the potentially harmful impact on health. But one source of fun games for your date night is embedding this pastime into other games. How about Trivia Pursuit, with the forfeit of getting questions wrong entailing taking a drink? Or a game of cards, when the person with the losing hand must pay the penalty? This could be integrated with other actions, such as the loser having to do sing a song or perform some even more embarrassing action. Naturally, as the night wears on, these forfeits will increase in hilarity.

Jenga – with commands

Most of us have played Jenga, the game where contestants must delicately tease wooden bricks out of a teetering structure, to avoid it becoming so unstable it crashes to the ground. You can up the ante by affixing random tasks to the bricks, with small post-its. Again, you could introduce standard ‘dares’ such as singing, telling a joke or performing an impromptu Irish riverdance! Why not spice up your date night by ordering the removal of an item of clothing?


Have you ever watched the hit comedy show Modern Family, where two of the main characters occasionally inject their otherwise mundane family life by booking into a hotel as completely different characters? This is an easily replicated scenario. You could add to the moment by donning costumes, and there are many online sites offering a diverse range of dressing up opportunities for date nights. Whether you choose to be a police officer making an arrest or a seductive vampire on Halloween, the only limitations are your own imagination!

Monopoly – with a twist

One of the best ways to integrate games into your date night is taking traditional pursuits and injecting a tinge of eroticism. Everyone has played Monopoly at some point, but why not prepare some of your own cards and then slot them into the Chance and Community Chest piles. So when you land on one of these squares, instead of selecting the card stating ‘Go directly to jail,’ you are faced with one of your alternatives, such as ‘Give your partner a lingering kiss,’ or ‘Place a blindfold around your partner and then remove an item of their clothing.’ Again, your own creativity will play the central role in determining how exciting this game can become.

Twister – with a twist

Another perennial favorite, Twister is a game which is hilarious enough at the best of times. But to make it a classic date night activity, all you have to do is blend elements of the aforementioned drinking challenges, with an element of strip poker! So the traditional placing of feet or hands on the colored squares can be revolutionized with doses of alcohol to lower inhibitions, then the removal of items of clothing to make for a much more tactile experience. The chances of this date night version of Twister concluding in the usual way are, understandably, fairly remote!

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