4 Tips for Live Dealer Casino Games

Live dealer games have pretty much revolutionised online casino games. They are immersive and make the experience of playing almost as good as being at a venue rather than being sat on the sofa with a CGI game, which is just not as realistic. With live dealer games, you have a croupier who leads the play and games are streamed live, taking places all around the clock so you can join in whenever you like. Here are a few tips you should know to help you get the most out of live dealer games from the team at mayfaircasino.com.

1. Stick to Reputable Casinos

It is vital that you first choose a casino that is reputable so that you can play with confidence. You will be handing over personal information when you sign up for an account, so at the very least you want to be looking for encryption and SSL. Thankfully there are loads of big names in the industry, many you will have heard of before, who are perfectly safe. If you haven’t heard of a site before check that they have the required gambling licenses for your country, normally found in the footer information for the site.

2. Check Your Bandwidth

When playing a live dealer casino game, you are going to want seamless and reliable streaming, but this is actually down to you to control, and many people wrongly blame the casino when the connection drops. Reputable casinos have worked hard to make sure the stream is perfect from their end but if you do not have enough bandwidth or are trying to play on patchy 4G coverage you could find you drop out at a vital moment and lose your wager.

3. Look for Welcome Offers

Online casinos normally offer new players a range of bonus codes as an incentive to use the site. It makes sense to sign up with a site that offers you something you are interested in, so look at the promotions and find those offering live dealer credits. Usually, you will have to make a deposit into your account and play with your money in order to trigger the bonus, but once you have it, you can enjoy some free play, and possibly some winnings from those bet credits too.

4. Learn the Basics Before You Start

While most people feel that CGI versions of the games are not quite as good, they are a great place to learn the rules. Normally with computer-generated games, you control the speed of play, giving you time to think about your bet and the rules of the game. When you play in a live dealer environment, there will be other players and the dealer, and it is the dealer who controls how long you have to place your bets and when the game starts. This can be a little intimidating for players new to the game, so spend a bit of time learning the rules, so you know what to expect and can place your bets in a timely fashion.

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