2010 Indie of the Year Awards

IndieDB is running the 2010 Indie of the Year Awards – where you as a gamer have the power to vote for your favourite Indie Games. Categories you can directly influence are the released and upcoming indies of 2010 – and many of the independent developers are really passionate about winning this.

What is Indie of the Year?

2010 Indie of the Year AwardsIndie of the Year is IndieDB’s award show that rewards excellence in independent game development and all related fields. This is the first year that the IOTY’s have run separately from the already established MOTY’s but we have been celebrating indie games since 2006 when Tremulous took out the first ever award. The way the big title gets handed out has changed over the years however one thing remains constant and that is the winners truly deserve the title, going on to do great things later on.

How do I vote for my favourite Indie titles?

The Players Choice is exactly what it sounds like, it’s us gamers who vote on what games should win the coveted Players Choice award. The voting process is in Phase Two – which means gamers can cast a vote on the games from the top 100 list which they feel deserve to win.

Our suggestions include Star Ruler, and Dwarf Fortress – and of course the amazing Minecraft. The latter is undoubtedly going to win this year – but we strongly suggest you still vote on all games you really enjoyed. Hurry though – there’s only a few days left to vote!

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